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2014-03-10 10:44:34 by sleeeeep


Halloween Collab 2013!! (finally)

2013-11-06 19:58:43 by sleeeeep

Its done! finally... A little late but check out th 2013 Halloween collab!


Bamboo pad

2012-08-29 05:51:11 by sleeeeep

After having my Bamboo pad for 6 months and not even using it (mostly due to League of Legends) I have finally for the last month or so been getting used to it. And i have to say it was well worth the $60 i spent on it! I can't wait to submit movies that i make that don't involve me drawing with the shitty mouse like i used to have to do. Here is a picture made with mah pad!

Bamboo pad

LoL The Flash killer

2011-12-23 13:07:45 by sleeeeep

Ever since my dumb friend introduced me to Leagues of Legends i can't bring myself to even touch my new tab to do any work on my flashes. On a side note everyone should be playing this totally FREE game. Its amazing good fun!

About time

2011-09-29 02:32:02 by sleeeeep

Its been a butt load of time since i have contributed anything to NG. So check it out my entry for the Epic Fall contest. I hope i win that box of Korean shit, WOOOOH!


2011-07-26 13:58:13 by sleeeeep

Still learning how to shadow. I really am just guessing at this point. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.


Come check out the SM castle collab in the portal now. Or else ill cut your mother.


2011-07-17 04:19:43 by sleeeeep

Happy Birthday to professor Otabious.


Upgrade complete

2011-06-28 03:42:42 by sleeeeep

Finally got a wacon bamboo tab... and with it i now give you the art of my new super hero.
More to come.

Upgrade complete

Trying to find my rythem

2011-05-09 05:13:13 by sleeeeep

I finally got flash (30 day trial so far) once again on my new and fairly improved computer. Up until i had it, i have had nothing but "great" ideas for flash movies! Buttloads of motivation ready to be used towards my flash series "Super Mario Invaded". Now that i have flash, I have a total lack of drive to do anything. Ive tried finding a partner to make some movies with. Maybe start a new series. Not much luck so far.

Maybe a Wacon Tab would help with my flash motivation. I get my ideas, have a seat at my computer then dread having to draw things with my mouse. Having to retouch every line i make. Also playing Rift might not be helping to my lack of focus to flash as well.